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Daisy Temporary Tattoo

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Daisy Temporary Tattoo


Daisy Temporary Tattoo


Add some art to your body with this hand drawn Daisy Temporary Tattoo. Unique and fun for going out on the town, parties, wedding showers, baby showers, gifts and more!

Size - 4 inches x 2.5 inches


Instructions: Peel away clear plastic layer exposing adhesive. Apply the tattoo's adhesive side to your skin and cover with wet cloth for 10-15 seconds or until paper backing slides off easily.


How to make your Temporary Tattoo last longer: 

1. When your temporary tattoo gets wet you should always pat dry - never rub.
2. Avoid hot water - alway use cold. 
3. Avoid using soap, oil, sunscreen or perfume on your temporary tattoo.

How to remove your temporary tattoo:

Use a washcloth with any kind of oil or rubbing alcohol.

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