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Salt Lake City, UT

Private Art Lesson

I’m thrilled you’re interested in taking private art lessons with me!

Projects I work on with my students range from painting with watercolor or acrylic, drawing with lead/charcoal pencil, ink and/or colored pencil, practicing perspective or portraiture, exploring abstract art, calligraphy/word art, photography, crafts, textile and fashion - such as sewing, fiber study, embroidery, drawing croquis, and much more. Throughout lessons students will learn about historical and modern artists and the different forms of art and techniques.
I work with all ages and all levels, from beginners to advanced artists

For beginners, I start all of my private lessons with the basics. First lesson we work on intro to tools - what they’re used for and how they work, value scales, we also touch a bit on color theory - such as color wheels and mixing colors and much more. It provides simple building blocks and fundamentals so students have the skills for subsequent projects. After the basic lesson, the field is wide and broad, and our class direction depends mainly on what the student is interested in learning. But whatever we’re working on, each lesson has lots of positive feedback and helpful tips throughout each lesson.

If you’re more advanced we jump right in to what you’re interested in, whether that’s setting up at a location to paint/draw a landscape or working on still life. With positive feedback and helpful tips throughout the lessons. 

I provide all basic materials such as pencils, paint, erasers, paper, etc. for each lesson. If you like working with your own materials, that’s great too. If you’re interested in building your own “art tool box” I can recommend supplies that you can buy and use for each lesson or with an extra fee I can provide a start up kit for you to keep and use through each lesson. If there are specific materials you’re interested in using that I don’t have available, let me know and I wouldn’t mind working that into our lessons - there may be an extra fee.

I believe art class should be about the process and then the product.
I strive to provide a positive, friendly, fun, relaxing atmosphere for a successful, creative, interesting experience.

I believe art is both powerful and empowering. It’s a form of therapy; a stress reliever and that the-doing-of-art is healing.


Information + Pricing:

Art lessons can be held in the comfort of your own home, local library or park,
or at Kimball Art Center in Park City, Utah

Each lesson, materials are provided for time of lesson
and art portfolio/folder is given to each student so they can keep all art work protected and safe.

Single Lessons:
1 hour lesson - $100
2 hour lesson - $175
4 1 hour lessons (weekly for one month) - $375

Group Lesson (2 or more) are offered contact for more information

Facetime or Skype lessons:
1 hour lesson - $80
2 hour lesson - $140
4 1 hour lessons (weekly for one month) - $300


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