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How do I set up a custom order?

Doing a custom order is simple and I love creating a one of a kind piece just for you. Click the the request box below and let me know what it is you're wanting to create. Once we get all the details figured out, I'll get you set up with a custom invoice. I'll send you a link to that invoice and once purchased, we'll get things started on your order. (Extra charges and time may apply).


"Silver Swivel Claps" vs. "Nylon Webbing Ends"?

The Scarf Camera Straps have two different options you can choose from. The clasps are more of a decorative look. They're great for light weight cameras and easy to attach. The nylon ends are what come attached to traditional camera straps. They're much sturdier and are recommended for heavier cameras, cameras with heavy lenses and/or recommended for professional photographers or photographers that are constantly shooting. (Nylon holds up to 450 lbs. of weight)