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Salt Lake City, UT


Hi! I'm Maddie Michael and welcome to Country Eyes . Ocean Heart.

I'm an artist, seamstress, photographer, teacher and the founder of Country Eyes . Ocean Heart.

My little Utah studio is tucked away in the Wasatch Mountains, full of sewing machines, fabrics, patterns and drying paintings. The aroma of fresh coffee and leather fill my studio and photographs, sketches and quotes hang from the walls. I'm constantly surrounding myself in nature, traveling to new places and photographing it all along the way - all these things and more bring inspiration to my business. 

All of the products in my shop are designed, created and handcrafted by me. I base all of my designs on quality and functionality, love is also very important. I thrive on making original, unique pieces, focusing on beautiful details and materials. I specialize in custom orders and commissioned pieces, turning client's ideas into one-of-a-kind items. I believe in supporting small, local and handmade businesses, so a lot of the tools and materials I use are purchased from vendors in my city and in the USA.

My business has also allowed me to blossom into teaching. Clients have reached out that had interests in learning how to paint, draw, sew, photograph and much more. Click here -> Private Lesson <- to read more and to schedule an appointment.

I want to thank all of you - my customers, followers and supporters, for helping me make this business what it has become.


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